We all have things lying around that we don't use anymore - but they aren't quite worth the hassle of listing on ebay, waiting, and then carefully packing and shipping them, or dealing with weirdos on Craigslist calling at odd hours to meet-up in your own home! With Geostashe.com you can easily and anonymously turn unused items into cash. 

Just about anything is stashable - concert tickets, sunglasses, earrings, phone chargers, souvenirs, crafts, bottle openers, magazines, coupons, pet toys, coins, tokens, batteries, tools, even breath mints?

Get creative guys! Stash a laptop charger near a hotel, an umbrella downtown, sunglasses near a pool, or a free pizza voucher near restaurants. Maybe even some breath mints outside an Italian restaurant or lipgloss near a night club.

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