Whew! Fundraising is tough these days! What if you could harness a larger portion of members to participate by making volunteering easier, faster, and more fun? How much more money could you raise? Sadly old-fashioned car washes, bake sales and awards dinners are going the wayside - people just don't have the time. 

GeoStashe.com is fun and only requires your volunteers to donate items or stash them. The general public can buy the hidden items with the funds going directly to your organisation. 

If you wanted to promote a new product wouldn't it make sense to get it into the hands of someone who would really appreciate it? This is a targeted as marketing gets, as users must buy a map and then go on a quest to find your "treasure". Sending out coupons or promotional items to people who won't use them is wasteful and environmentally irresponsible. 

GeoStashe.com solves this problem. Your fans get promotional products they want, will use, and will talk about. New users BUY your coupons, which make them more likely to be redeemed. 
The recycling potential of GeoStashe.com is also enormous. While people usually find their most valuable unneeded objects a new home, there's not enough time in the day to sell a used mouse online along with the time-killing phone calls, meeting times or shipping arrangements. GeoStashe.com is the easiest way to repurpose objects that would otherwise spend a lifetime in a junk drawer - simply stash an item and walk away. 

GeoStashe.com is committed to making the world a greener place, which is why members can post free items at NO CHARGE! Yep, if you want to give away a good used object there is absolutely no cost to list it or to find it. You're welcome world! GeoStashe.com also helps you distribute items to those most in need, anonymously and respectfully. Your old shoes, coat, gloves or even a free food coupon can provide a less fortunate person with dignity, comfort and hope.
Who didn't grow up dreaming of finding a hidden treasure? Sure Geocaching is fun, but Geostashing includes a treasure that's worth finding. Search a list of items stashed near you with your smartphone, then pay to unlock a map with specific directions on how to find one of them. Anything goes from an umbrella or sunglasses to a used phone charger or a gift card - Your imagination fuels the adventure!
We all have things lying around that we don't use anymore - but they aren't quite worth the hassle of listing on ebay, waiting, and then carefully packing and shipping them, or dealing with weirdos on Craigslist calling at odd hours to meet-up in your own home! With Geostashe.com you can easily and anonymously turn unused items into cash. 

Just about anything is stashable - concert tickets, sunglasses, earrings, phone chargers, souvenirs, crafts, bottle openers, magazines, coupons, pet toys, coins, tokens, batteries, tools, even breath mints?

Get creative guys! Stash a laptop charger near a hotel, an umbrella downtown, sunglasses near a pool, or a free pizza voucher near restaurants. Maybe even some breath mints outside an Italian restaurant or lipgloss near a night club.
Imagine you and some friends are out on a Saturday night. Your iPhone battery is almost dead (this is bad, very bad)... Behold! There's a used iPhone charger hidden nearby for only $5! Once your social life has been salvaged and your phone is fully charged you might choose to re-stash the charger and get your $5 back!